Aerial video shooting with Drones in Milan

Riprese aeree con droni Milano

My FPV offers Aerial Video Shooting with Drones in Milan, DJI stabilized drones and FPV drones.
Our operators are specialized in Aerial Video Shooting with UAS and are in possession of all the necessary certificates to be able to operate in compliance with the regulations in force throughout the Italian territory.
We take care of the authorization request from the various entities, and thanks to the experience gained in Milan, we can inform you on the timescales necessary to obtain the authorizations and guide you in choosing the type of drone and camera most suitable for filming.

Contact us for more information or to request a free quote, but not before taking a look at some of the latest jobs in which our drone aerial shooting service in Milan has been employed.

Aerial video footage taken in Milan

FPV Drones

FPV Drones were born in principle for competitions, but given the enormous visual potential and the infinite possibilities of movement and use, they immediately became very popular and above all in demand. Here are the available FPV drones with specifications:

5 inch FPV drone + GoPro
This conformation, Drone + Camera, is the most used in the field of aerial shots with FPV Drones. In fact, the 5″ FPV Drone is the most versatile and allows you to range from adrenaline-pumping high-speed pursuits (Max Speed: 140 Km/h) to spectacular and quieter “bird’s eye” aerial shots. This drone is equipped with the Latest and best performing ActionCam on the market.

FPV Cinelifter
Large FPV drone, born from the need to have this type of aerial shots with superior image quality. In fact, our FPV Cinelifters can mount a series of cameras that offer cinematographic video quality.
It is possible to mount: RED Komodo – BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and 4K, Z CAM E2, Wave FreeFly (1000fps).

Micro Drone FPV + GoPro Naked
Small FPV Drone weighing 250g, light and harmless. Perfect for indoor aerial shots, virtual tours, rallies, concerts, etc. The Drone is equipped with a lightened version of the latest and most performing actionCam on the market.

Play Video about produzione-video-sportivi

This Showreel shows the type of images that can be obtained with an FPV Drone. Shooting at high speed, agility and dynamism are the strengths of these FPV Drones.

DJI Drones


The most famous drones in the world, you can choose the one that best suits your project, according to your needs.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro
Stabilized drone capable of recording aerial images with a resolution of 4K, 25fps, H265, D-Log 10Bit. This drone is perfect for small productions and web imaging.

DJI Mavic 3 Cine
Stabilized drone equipped with Hasselblad video camera with 4/3 CMOS sensor. The size of the sensor combined with the ability to record in Apple ProRes 422 HQ with a resolution of 5.1K at 50fps makes this drone perfect for any production, from the Web to the Cinema.

DJI Inspire 2
Top of the range stabilized drone, capable of taking aerial images of the highest quality. The drone is equipped with the Zenmuse X7 Camera, thanks to the Super35 sensor it is able to record images in 6K RAW. This drone also offers the possibility of mounting various lenses (16mm – 24mm – 35mm – 50mm) the versatility of this drone makes it perfect for productions intended for Cinema and TV.

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Showreel made entirely with DJI Drones, it perfectly shows the type and quality of the images that can be obtained with these drones.

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Authorizations for Aerial Video Shooting in central Milan

In order to operate with drones in some areas of Milan we will have to request specific authorisations. Given the proximity to the airports of Milan Malpensa, Milan Linate and numerous heliports, the central area of Milan is covered by several NO Fly ZONES.
All UAS operations are prohibited in these areas, unless otherwise authorized by ENAC.

Timing: generally, it takes from 15 to 30 days to obtain authorization to take aerial shots in the restricted areas of Milan.

Image copyrights: to carry out aerial shots in areas of particular interest (Duomo di Milano, CityLife, Castello Sforzesco, etc.), in addition to authorizations from ENAC and the Prefecture, the authorization of the body that owns the site of interest will also be needed , such as the “Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo” for the Milan Cathedral. Depending on the type of images to be created and where they will be reproduced (TV – Youtube – Social networks, etc.), in order to obtain the authorisation, it may be necessary to pay the image rights to the owner institution.

Our team is always up-to-date on the latest regulations on permits, authorisations, certifications, image rights, and will take care of requesting all permits in order to operate legally in all areas of Milan.




Licenza: NLD-RP-bldbix79zk14

STS: IT.RE.U.061.22.00021

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Live Streaming Video service, possibility of making live aerial broadcasts with FPV Drones and DJI Drones, whether it is a Sporting Event, a demonstration or a concert, thanks to our drones it can be broadcast live on TV or on all platforms online (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).


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