Drone Service

My FPV offers Professional Aerial Video Shooting Services with FPV Drones and DJI Drones carried out by ENAC Certified Operators, Live Streaming, Video Production and Virtual Tours, discover our services.

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Video Shooting with FPV Drones

Innovative and spectacular video footage made with FPV Drones and FPV Cinelifter. High-speed chases, adrenaline-pumping shots with a high visual and emotional impact, but also “bird’s eye view” landscape shots perfect for documentaries and virtual tours. Discover the various types and their characteristics.

Drone Rental Service with ENAC Certified Operator, possibility to rent FPV Drones, FPV Cinelifter and DJI Drones such as the Mavic 3 Cine, the DJI Inspire 2 and the Mavic 2 Pro.
We provide our Drone Rental Services with Operator throughout the Italian territory, our ENAC Certified Operators can operate in any type of scenario, from city centers, to archaeological sites to natural parks, all in compliance with current regulations.


Video Live Streaming Aerial Service, possibility of making live videos in Live with FPV Drones and DJI Drones, whether it is a Sporting Event, an event or a concert, thanks to our drones it can be broadcast live on TV or on all online platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Virtual Tours made with FPV Micro Drones specially created to fly indoors, whether it’s a hotel, a restaurant, but also a plant or a factory, our Virtual Tours are perfect for showing indoor environments from a new perspective.

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Video Production

Video production for brands and sporting events, high-level corporate commercials, an excellent tool for promoting a product or service of your company, online but not only.