Virtual Tour for Hotels, Museums, Parks and Properties

Let our Team help you make the most of your company with these innovative virtual tours. Immersiveness and fluidity are the keywords that differentiate the virtual tours created by us with FPV Drones, compared to the classic 360° tours.

Why choose our Virtual Tours and not the "classic" ?

Our Virtual Tours have nothing to do with the classic (and now obsolete) tours made up of 360° photos, not very intuitive and of little impact, and above all not advertised on the various social platforms.
Thanks to our immersive and virtual videos, you will be able to promote your reality on the platforms where the greatest user traffic is concentrated. The difference of our Virtual Tours is that they are made with the help of FPV Micro Drones, specially created for this purpose, totally safe and harmless to objects and people.

Micro Droni FPV

How are Virtual Tours made?

We will make video footage flying inside your structure with our Micro Drones, moving from one environment to another in a fluid way and with unusual passages.
The result will be a unique video clip, which will allow the viewer to visit each environment, both internal and external, as if they were “flying”.
The end result is an uncut, fluid, spectacular video virtual tour with a unique perspective. The spectator will only have to stop and observe the final video, without having to click with the mouse to move from one environment to another.

Advantages of Virtual Tours with FPV technology

Our Virtual Tours allow the viewer to make a real virtual visit inside the structure, whatever it is. This innovative shooting method is increasingly chosen by companies, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, gardens and museums who want to highlight their strengths.
The main advantage of this innovative shooting method is that it attracts the viewer’s attention by identifying him with the vision. It has been proven that this gives rise to a greater desire in him to book a stay, an event or buy a ticket to experience what he has just observed with his own senses.
A further advantage of our Virtual Tours is that being video clips, they can be published as a presentation on the website and adapt to the main online platforms, giving greater visibility and interest.

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Virtual Tour - Grand Hotel Mont Blanc 5* Courmayeur

Virtual Tour Video for Hotels

Virtual tours in the hospitality sector have become a must have: they are one of the best digital marketing strategies for a hotel, holiday homes, farmhouses, Bed & Breakfasts and even restaurants.
The Virtual Tours are able to show the customer the beauty of the structure and the strengths that make the location unique.
Do you have a terrace overlooking the sea?
Does your restaurant room offer unforgettable sunsets?
Do you have an infinity pool in the heart of beautiful mountains or a one of a kind spa?
Let your future guests fall in love with your property in less than 1 minute, increasing their perception, improving their image and arousing the desire to immediately book a stay with you.

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Virtual Tour - Hotel Brescia 3*S

How should a hotel take advantage of a virtual tour?

Since our tours are short videos, not 360° image compositions, they can be used anywhere.

Do you have a website? So why not put the virtual tour of your property on the home page?
Your future guests will immediately understand why they should book a vacation with you.

Do you use social channels? So why not publish some clips taken from the virtual tour and promote yourself in this way?

As you will have understood, there are many jobs (and advantages) that should make you exclaim: “Yes, I do!”.

Virtual Tour for Parks, Gardens and Villas

Let our drones fly over your park or your villa, just like a swallow would. Give your future visitors a unique way from which to admire the beauty of the park, listening to the sounds of nature, such as the chirping of birds, the rustle of water or the sound of the wind; passing through freshly blossomed flowers or fragrant woods.
Company such as Parco Giardino Sigurtà have chosen us, take a look at the video to see for yourself the immense potential of a virtual tour inside your park.

Virtual tours for Amusement Parks

Is there anything more adrenaline-pumping than showing (or reminding) your future visitors the emotions they will feel inside your amusement park?
Let our drones follow the whizzing by of the attractions just as they were on board and let them arouse in the spectator the desire to buy the entrance ticket for the first free date.

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Virtual Tour - Parco Giardino Sigurtà Pt.1

Real Estate

Our Micro Drones can also be used to promote your properties: are you a real estate agent and want to sell that fantastic sea view penthouse in no time?
Or do you want to arouse interest in that villa located in a unique location?
Let our pilots fly over its surroundings, saving you time.